Anjaly in Sanskrit means ‘offering with both hands’ in other words, it is an expression of appreciation and blessing. mudras is a positioning of hands to express outwardly what we experience within. in anjaly mudras, the palms of the hands are held together in an upright position, fingers stretched upwards and thumbs touching the chest. the gesture forges a connection between billions of people worldwide.

We believe everything we do should be close to our hearts and done lovingly at every stage and junction along the way, and always with deep respect for the environment. We hope your encounter with Anjaly clothes will inspire and draw you closer to the yogic path.

Anjaly is proud to hold certification under the global organic textile standard (GOTS), which is your guarantee that all our clothes are produced from organic cotton, recycled cotton, bamboo, and other 100% natural fabrics that are breathable and eco-friendly, so you enjoy comfort and freedom when exercising. it is also our way of showing commitment to the environment. the standard ensures that the fabric is processed with minimal impact on the environment, from picking to transportation, weaving, dyeing, and through to packaging. we may not be able to save the world, but we can try, wherever possible, to behave in it with gentleness and respect.

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