environmentally friendly material

organic cotton is not simply a merely passing trend for us. ever since anjaly’s founding in 2008, we have been an ecologically aware fashion company and a holder of the global organic textile standard (gots). all our clothes are produced from luxuriously soft and caressing materials that are also breathable and sustainable, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and lenzingtencel™ and modal™ fibers. we made a conscious choice to be considerate and fair and to take an environmentally and company friendly approach, whichwe express in every aspect of production and marketing, from the quality of the textiles we use through to the choice of packaging.


incomparable design

comfort that helps one feel relaxed is our hallmark. spreading grace and beauty is our mission. all our clothes are thoughtfully and fastidiously designed to allow freedom of movement and provide a velvety touch between fabric and skin. all in all, our garments will give you a sense of well-being. they will allow you to breathe more easily– almost as if you have a second skin – andgive you a yoga practice experience that is very different froma practice in tight synthetic garments. our variety of flattering cuts offer a perfect fit without any discomfort. and no less importantly: you will feel (and therefore also look) as if you are totally dressed for the part. 


fair trade

we care. and not only about beautiful products that make us happy. and because we care, we have always insisted – and continue to do so – on working to free trade conditions and producing high-quality textiles in places where people receive a fair wage for their work. making clothes is a long and arduous process in which many people are involved. it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone in the chain works under fair trade conditions, regardless of whether they are in a sewing workshop in the galilee, a turkish textile factory, or the design studio in tel aviv.



anjaly started out as a clothing brand inspired by the practice of yoga. ever since, we’vedresseda lot of men and women who seek inspiration when they’re on the move.our aim is to develop the most comfortable clothes possible for yoga practice. to achieve this, we fit and try out our styles on many yoga teachers and yoga practitioners and continue to learn and improve in an attempt to shape the design to the wearer’s needs. it is important to us that you love your practice clothes so much that you’ll continue wearing them for everyday activities, and that they will flow with you. practice and life are not two separate facets. they combine and merge and nourish each other. anjaly’s clothes invite you to relax in both.


a relationship of trust

a shared trust is our guiding light. first of all, with our customers. and as you’ve probably noticed here on the website, in the store or the studio, and in every sale and post, we totally believe in our products. as in life itself, not everything is perfect all of the time, but we continue to try for perfection – to give the very best we can and provide a superior service. 

אנג׳לי (= תודה בסנסקריט).