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Why Organic?

Organic cotton is produced from untreated seeds, which are not exposed to toxic insecticides. It is grown on healthy soil that enjoys crop rotation and retains its moisture as well as organic matter- Unlike conventional cotton that is flooded with fungicides and other chemicals and is fed by synthetic fertilizers in poor soil that has lost its content due to intense irrigation and mono-crop culture.

Weed control in organic cotton is done by naturally balancing the beneficial insects, unlike the aerial spraying used by conventional cotton growers, spraying the fields with pesticides that contain cancer causing agents.

Organic cotton enjoys natural defoliation from freezing temperatures and water management while the conventional plant's defoliation is induced by toxic chemicals.
No conventional toxic waxes, bleaching agents or formaldehyde are used are used at any stage in the production of organic cotton, not to mention petroleum based softeners that are common in the production of conventional cotton. Instead- organic cotton growers use soft scour in warm water with soda ash and natural soybean softening.
The dyeing and printing process of organic cotton uses natural dyes that hardly contain sulfur, unlike conventional cotton that is dyed using heavy metals and sulfur.
The initial cost of organic cotton is more expensive but considering its advantages and its positive impact on the environment- it is clear why it's actually priceless.

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