About Anjaly

About Anjaly

About Anjaly

Anjaly was born out of gratitude.

Gratitude for what yoga practice has brought to our lives. Thats why our collection is named Anjaly, Sanskrit for an offering.

We are yoga practitioners and teachers, and our clothing line is inspired by what yoga offers: an invitation to freedom in body and mind.

We believe that the practice of yoga doesnt have to end when you roll-up your mat. You can bring the qualities of your practice to your everyday life.

Our organic, yoga-inspired collection seeks to help you cultivate moments of inspiration and joy, so you can continue to spread them throughout your day.

For us, you are the focus, not your clothes. Every piece of our collection is carefully designed to serve you - before, during, and after your practice. Our guiding principals are simplicity and harmony. Our collection carries very little buttons or zippers, and our labels are printed on the fabric. No extras. Only what you need, created with the greatest care. We use the softest, highest-quality organic cotton to allow for freedom of movement and comfort of being.

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